Using AI to create a Musical Persona

Using AI to create a Musical Persona

AI use case story.  A personal one for me.

During the stress of pandemic, I needed a new hobby. I went down the Last of Us 2 rabbit hole for a few months, and realized that I was spending far too much time on my PS4.

Years ago, I sang and played guitar and in bands. It was a huge passion of mine. I decided to get back into music. I was never an instrumental virtuoso, but I liked to write songs.

So I cranked up the songwriting engine again and the music started pouring out.

But I didn’t want to just go out as “me”, some dude strumming his guitar. I wanted to create a persona.

So I used #MidJourney AI to develop a character.  This would be a humanoid character that would be mechanical, but also full of emotion. I called him Tender Robot.  Robotic in that his visuals, storyline would be created with Artificial Intelligence, but his music came from a completely organic, creative, and emotional place.

I created a robot with a heart, who’s searching the universe for …. something. And that’s the mystery that will unfold in this visual story, presented on Tik Tok, using the 10 songs that I wrote during the pandemic. Somehow, the desolate nature of the music needed corresponding space-driven, sci-fi visuals.

All the visuals were created with MidJourney, set to the first song I wrote, “Gone”. Here’s the first video/song.  I’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Posted: 2022-11-03


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