Using AI to create a Company Logo

Using AI to create a Company Logo

I used Artificial Intelligence to create a new logo for my company, Satellite Films.

This is a provocative statement, even just writing it. Isn’t logo design something that’s humanistic and creative at its core?  A project your create a brand brief for, and then work with a graphic designer on, going through painstaking revisions?

I used #Midjourney to create these logo designs below, among several hundred more the software generated. Using a series of prompts, the AI technology uses “creativity” and a vast data supply of assets (basically every image ever known to the internet) to create images and designs.

For example, the prompt I inputted into Midjourney for one of the logos below is “Satellite Films vector logo creative ad agency simple iconic space planet”.  It’s really a thrill to see what the four images the  AI comes up with as a response. From there, you can tweak any of those images, asking for revisions. Then, when you like a final result, you can Upscale the thumbnails to a larger size.

It feels like we are on the precipice of something unknown. The power of AI seems unbridled and honestly a little nuts. I had never thought that I would be able to create logos from AI --  that are actually pretty good. Although these might not be the final logos, the heavy lifting design work is done, and a designer can wrap them up easily. They are 90% there.

I supposed that’s the ultimate takeaway. AI creativity is incredibly powerful, but creative work still needs humans, a sense of human soul, if you will.  For my AI logo experiment, it needed me to spark the project my goal and my prompts, and it will need a human designer to finalize the logos.  But the AI is the cyborg superpower that powers everything in the middle. AI creativity is the super-powered champion race horse, but it still needs the rider to guide them past the stalls and to the finish line.

But, suffice to say, AI generated creativity is an incredible thing witness and work with.

What do you think of these designs?  Which AI logo do you like the best?

Posted: 2022-12-06


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