TenderRobot New Website (Music Project)

TenderRobot New Website (Music Project)

Here’s another use for AI: creating imagery for websites. 

I have a musical project called TenderRobot, the sounds of Beatles-esque pop and electronica. I wanted to create a simple website for it. 

I have an origin story associated around the TenderRobot character, similar to how Damon Albarn uses Gorilliaz. The TenderRobot project is about a lonely robot trying searching the universe.

Now, here's where AI comes into play. I harnessed the capabilities of Midjourney to generate compelling imagery for my webpage. However, a challenge arose: Midjourney's output produced 1024 x 1024 images, requiring creative solutions to adapt them to widescreen webpage formats. Enter Adobe Photoshop, equipped with its Content Aware Fill feature. This tool intelligently extrapolates from the original image to fill empty spaces with precision. It was a rewarding process, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

Just as TenderRobot merges analog and digital sounds, the synergy between my AI tools and my innate creative compass yielded great results. I invite you explore the website and the music here

Posted: 2023-07-01


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