Tender Robot Music Video created with AI Tools

Tender Robot Music Video created with AI Tools

I have an electronic music passion project called TenderRobot, and I wanted to create a music video for my song Nagasaki. The song has an otherworldly, sci-fi vibe to it, so I wanted to create that feeling for the visuals. My concept: robots dancing through time. I described this to ChatGPT, prompting it to envision scenarios like disco bots in the 70s or clunky 50s robots doing the jitterbug.

ChatGPT spit out imaginative vignettes. I refined them until they matched my vision. But executing the AI scripts required finesse. The raw Runway-generated video looked amateurish. I had to artfully direct each scene, adjusting parameters to achieve a polished look.

I also filmed myself nodding along to the beat, converting that into robotic head bobs with Runway's image-to-video tool. The AI couldn't organically synthesize this humanizing touch.

While AI multiplies possibilities, it still requires a human hand to transform concepts into effective videos. Marketers diving into generative content must guide outcomes with clarity, taste and quality standards. AI alone churns out disjointed imagery lacking cohesion.

But structured carefully, AI can unlock novel scenarios impossible to film live.  This hybrid technique produced something imaginative and novel.  AI expands video creativity but needs a human at the helm. With strategic direction, it can enhance marketing productions rather than distract. A balanced AI approach keeps content on-brand and refined.

Link to Music Video here

Posted: 2023-09-08


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