Keynote speech at Santa Ana College for AAPI Month

Keynote speech at Santa Ana College for AAPI Month

I’m doing my first keynote speech at a university event next week for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month  and I couldn’t be more excited.

My college friend Christina Kim Wagner was putting together an event called "Exploring Creative Career Paths" at Santa Ana College. She was kind enough to invite me to speak since she wanted her students to hear from an Asian American who has built a career in creative fields.

For over twenty years now, I've been making films and creating all kinds of visual content - for TV, brands, independent films, you name it. I even wrote a children's book last year.

As I've been preparing for this keynote, looking back at videos and projects from my television days and my work in tech and science , it's been really eye-opening. I've noticed clear patterns and learned some powerful lessons that I think will be valuable to share with college students.

Let's face it - the Asian American community often feels pressure to pursue "acceptable" career paths. But I want to show these students that you absolutely can follow your creative dreams and still find success along the way.

And for any organizations out there looking for a speaker on creative career paths, especially for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month events, feel free to reach out.

I'd be happy to discuss bringing my story and perspective to your audience.

Posted: 2024-05-03


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