Generative AI in Satellite Films Workflow

Generative AI in Satellite Films Workflow

The landscape of content production is undergoing a transformative shift thanks to the integration of Generative AI. At my company Satellite Films, we recognize the significant impact that AI has on our content creation. However, I believe that it’s the synergy between human creativity and AI tools that yield an even more exceptional end product for our clients.

Enhanced Script Refinement with ChatGPT: While ChatGPT isn't responsible for writing our scripts, we use the tool to improve them. Collaborating with the software enables us to adjust tone, integrate additional content into existing material, and engage in testing. Our human-produced final copy can be further refined through ChatGPT's insights, ensuring a comprehensive and polished outcome. For example, we recently fine-tuned a dialogue-heavy scene using ChatGPT's input, resulting in a more engaging and natural exchange between characters.

Elevated Storyboards via MidJourney: The potential of Generative AI is most pronounced through tools like MidJourney. This platform has revolutionized our storyboarding process, significantly elevating the quality of MidJourney and Stable Diffusion imagery. Our capacity to pre-visualize videos and commercials has been greatly enhanced. Here's an attached storyboard for a conceptual Taipei travel advertisement, meticulously constructed using images generated by MidJourney.

Exploration with Runway's Innovative Capabilities: At the forefront of innovation, we've delved into Runway, a dynamic software for translating text or images into videos. The outcomes from this tool have been mixed, yet the ability to generate fresh visuals from textual or visual prompts is a great advancement. While primarily used for Satellite's Research and Development, we've pushed boundaries, as showcased in a Runway-crafted spec Taipei travel ad.

In summary, Generative AI tools wield considerable power, enabling us to deliver premium final products to clients while managing costs. However, our approach remains rooted in a symbiotic relationship between these tools and our intrinsic human creativity. The harmonious interplay of technology — this is in the service of crafting films that resonates with our valued clients.


Posted: 2023-08-18


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